Ingenta E-commerce

In the consumer-driven digital world, understanding your assets in addition to your customers is critical.  As publishers diversify to create new revenue streams for content, the need to manage individual users, complex products and multiple sales channels in a centralized way is paramount. Ingenta E-commerce is a single solution that manages business models, access entitlement and cross-selling of products on multiple platforms.  It can maximize your existing content by creating new revenue opportunities at the touch of a button.  It allows you to squeeze profits from your intellectual property by empowering your sales and marketing teams to:

  • Provide a centralized view of your customers across platforms
  • Generate new online strategies without IT intervention
  • Respond rapidly to changes in the marketplace
  • Bundle new product packages at any time and in any combination of price and content
  • Integrate online models with back office legacy infrastructure

Leverage relationships

E-commerce helps publishers control complex customer entitlements across different platforms. With a single, extensible customer data repository to identify relationships and deliver inherited rights, you can control varying levels of buyer access, smooth out disparities across multiple services and create a single picture of all customer data to drive business strategies.

Know your resources

The system helps publishers command their arsenals, constructing a format-agnostic model of all your content. The semantic web-based extensible property service and expandable hierarchy deliver a single view of your assets.  When the opportunity arises to combine or bundle your assets in a new way, the flexible E-commerce resource service is standing by.

Respond to the market

E-commerce is a central middleware service into which all customer and internal services interface.  Any changes made in the E-commerce facility are immediately reflected across all customer platforms and back end services.  With its specialized license component and compounding service, any conceivable model for selling a particular asset can be accommodated and re-applied across the whole product range.

Harmonize access

The E-commerce service comes standard with a configurable, single sign on and order basket.  Users on all of your platforms can be redirected via E-commerce to ensure seamless access across products.  Purchases are aggregated and completed on the central E-commerce facility to ensure that cross-platform products can be targeted and promoted strategically.

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