Heather Lantz is one of PCGs industry specialists, having worked for over 14 years with publishers and libraries. Heather currently oversees PCG sales representatives in North America, whilst also working as a senior sales representative. Heather has two degrees: a Bachelor in Business Administration from William Tyndale College and a Master of Art in Communications from Spring Arbor University. These years of education have provided her with knowledge to manage all aspects of marketing and business activities. With this experience, Heather has created a proven track record of goal attainment.

We spoke to Heather to ask her more about her work.

Heather, you have a bird’s eye view of where PCG reps are, what activities they’re doing and so on. Can you give an example of what PCG reps might be doing in a typical week?

Our sales team is tasked with providing solutions and world-class service to our clients. The PCG Content Sales team is spread out across the globe.  In any given day, individuals could be on campus talking with librarians, attending library focused conferences, hosting training webinars, and communicating with clients via Skype,  phone calls, and/or email.  Each sales rep covers a distinct area and might handle two or more publishers.  There are hundreds and hundreds of customers or potential customers that must be contacted.

You’re an experienced sales person. How does this add value in managing other sales representatives.

As a senior sales representative, I am on the front line with them, so my responsibility is to impart proven sales methodologies and best practises.  My goal is to empower my team to achieve their goals on behalf of our publishers, assisting them when needed with my industry knowledge, marketing experience, and established customer relationships. It’s also a two way process. I have learned through the years that to operate as a team, we must continually share ideas and be willing to evolve our strategies to meet the changing need of our publishers and the libraries.

What trends in North American have you and your team encountered?

There is a growing trend within academia for more one-time purchase options and fewer annual subscriptions. With reducing material budgets and balancing overall budget cuts, librarians are wary of purchasing additional resources even if there is merit or usage but simply they can’t afford it.   The large publishers’ subscription costs have increased substantially year after year, so they consume most of the library’s budget.  Librarians would rather find resources that they know they will have with perpetual access to if they cannot maintain the subscriptions in the future.  For many libraries, the ability to purchase one-time resources is possible because it comes from a different budget entirely.  More of the publishers we work with are offering Archives and “Blocks of docs” to meet this demand.

What you do is all about communication. How do you make sure that PCG is the best communicator in the industry?

Through my studies, I learned that effective communication is simply the relational process of creating and interpreting messages that elicit a response. At PCG, our focus is always on the message and to ensure that our target audience receives the information that they have come to expect from PCG that matches their needs and interests. I truly believe in Em Griffin’s idea that ‘the way people communicate is often more important than the content of what they say.’ . At PCG, we are focused on building a relationship with how we interact,  providing the best customer service and by giving attention to every detail.

To discuss how PCG can help your sales in North America, email Heather directly at HLantz@pcgplus.com