Louise works as market research manager for Publishers Communication Group. Before this, she was senior Business Development Manager at Swets, where she helped publishers increase sales and raise brand awareness in Academic, Corporate, Government and Health sectors. We talked to Louise to find out more about her work.

How did you get your start in publishing

It kind of happened by accident, I started working for Swets back in 2001 and was there until the very end, in October 2014. During my years there I had the opportunity of taking on various roles both, library and publisher facing. However, for the majority of my career I have worked with publishers, helping them to grow their businesses by identifying new markets, and increasing publishers brand visibility through gap analysis and targeted marketing efforts. I’ve had the pleasure of working with a wide range of publishers from around the world, spanning across all sectors.

Given your role in Market Research, what are some of the biggest challenges facing publishers?

In terms of sales growth and potential it’s probably the challenge of static and often shrinking library budgets, so having a team on the ground to develop long term relationships with key stake holders within institutions is key. It’s also important to have resource to engage at faculty level as increasingly faculty recommendations are a significant specification for the acquisition of new resources.

Where do you see growth potential for publishers?

One of the key reasons we see institutions cancelling content is due to low usage and therefore a high cost per download. End-user and faculty outreach is therefore a significantly beneficial way to help develop product awareness, drive usage and ensure that your products and services are among those which are most highly regarded and used.

Why should publishers consider working with PCG?

Over the last 18 months the market research division which I head up from the UK office in Oxford has grown dramatically, which in my opinion is a clear indication that publishers are also having to diversify and extend their offering. Therefore, undertaking product research to understand market requirements and expectations is a fundamental process to gain impartial feedback. Techniques such as needs assessment can ensure a robust product development strategy for the launch of new services in a very competitive industry. PCG is much more than a sales agent, we have a very holistic approach to the way we support our partners, with solutions that meet a diverse range of publishers, intermediary’s and content providers and a market research division which can help you to gain better insights from local, national and international markets.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

I enjoy the diversity of each project we undertake, from a lapsed subscriber campaign, to global research studies. However what I enjoy most is that we are helping our partners to achieve their aims and objectives, whether that’s retaining current business, driving new sales or gaining valuable market intelligence; all of which we are able to do so successfully due to the expertise and dedication of a global and multilingual team.

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