A rising star, Manisha Bolina has been flying the flag for PCG in the UK for 7 years. From early days as a Junior Account Manager for UK and Europe she swiftly moved on to become the Senior Sales Manager for BioOne, handling library/end user relationships on behalf of the publisher. The key deliverables for Manisha are growing existing business, entering new markets and leading end-user campaigns. Recently, her role has expanded into Business Development for PCG – working with publishers to consult on a range of sales and marketing strategies. We took 5 minutes to talk to Manisha about what she’s learned during her time at PCG.


Manisha, you’ve worked with BioOne to help develop sales for quite some time. How does PCG representation add value for publishers?

PCG has been in business for nearly 30 years(!) which means we have tremendous collective real-world experience, expertise and contacts which are invaluable for any publisher.  What I love the most is that PCG provides new perspectives for publishers; we understand the whole of the market which is vital knowledge for any publisher who wishes to better understand and better penetrate a market. PCG is a multilingual organisation, and with a dedicated market research department and experienced sales professionals, we are a strong partner for our clients.


What do publishers need to consider when thinking about outsourcing to an agency?

The most important thing for any publisher is to work with a partner that fully understands their business and the project brief from the outset. I know its seems obvious, but sometimes this can be the biggest hurdle. A new client recently chose to partner with us over other agencies because they believed we truly listened, were enthusiastic/interested and just “got” their project. This kind of feedback is brilliant and we thrive on being able to work collaboratively with our partners from the outset.


You spend a lot of time talking to librarians. What kind of feedback do you hear that could be useful for publishers?

Publishers really need to listen and understand what libraries are telling them and the challenges that are being faced within their institutions. Currency, budgets and growing internal pressures have an effect on purchasing and renewals; publishers should work together with the libraries and consortia to work out what is mutually beneficial rather than take a one-sided view. Long term success is dependent on all parties coming away with a ‘win’.


What is the most common piece of advice you find yourself giving clients?

Be open to new things! I also take the same stance in my role; being open enables all parties to take a more creative approach for any sales and marketing project.

To discuss how PCG can help with your upcoming projects, you can email here at MBolina@pcgplus.com.

In addition Manisha will be at the UKSG Annual Conference in Harrogate starting 10th April. So do drop in at Stand 37 and say hello.