Last week, the social cataloging service LibraryThing announced the launch of a new feature called "LibraryThing for Publishers."

For the uninitiated, LibraryThing is a "social cataloging web application for storing and sharing personal library catalogs and book lists" that as of last fall boasted "920,000 users and nearly 45 million books." (wiki) The new feature is a way to better connect publishers with the readers and catalogers of their books. According to the announcement, publishers get:

  • A box on the work page of all their titles.

  • Publisher pages.

  • Hundreds of links from LibraryThing. LibraryThing has a high PageRank.*

And members get:

  • A new way to connect with the publishers they love

  • A way to browse publishers’ titles

  • As we move this forward publishers can help on the data end, with better, less restricted book data from the people who actually create the books.

Just today, LibraryThing announced the participation of 21 new publishers in the service, including Penguin Australia, Candlewick Press, and The Rand Corporation.