We've just released support for advertising on IngentaConnect. The first ads went live yesterday - see Current Genomics for an example. At the moment we're just showing banners at the top of the page, but we also have space available in the right hand navigation bar and in the page body itself. We've been careful to keep it fairly discreet (you won't see pop-ups or overlays suddenly appearing) so as not to obscure the main content, tools or navigation. We think it works pretty well!

Our publisher clients will be using this advertising space in various different ways. Some want to cross-promote their own publications, services and conferences to their readers. Others have been running ads in their print publications for many years and now want to migrate this important revenue stream over to the online version. For others it's a new source of income that they can use to counteract subscription erosion or to support experimentation with new business models.

Online advertising has many benefits over print: it can be more accurately targetted (geographically, by user type, etc), can be more flexible in terms of ad rotation and timeliness, and reaches out to non-subscribers as well as subscribers. It also allows you to track the effectiveness of your marketing: how many times your ad appeared, how often it was clicked on, which placements worked best, etc, thus enabling you to make informed decisions when planning your next advertising campaign.

We're really excited about the opportunities this will open up for our publisher clients, without detracting from the user experience or the main purpose of the site. If you're interested in advertising on IngentaConnect drop us a line!