This week, I have been mostly attending the annual conference of the Association of Subscription Agents and Intermediaries. Held at London's Royal College of Nursing (oh, how I enjoy its proximity to John Lewis on Oxford Street ...), this year's conference addressed the issue of "Value in Acquisition", with 16 speakers grouped into 5 themed categories.

For your reading pleasure, I feverishly scribbled notes down during the event in order to blog a review upon my return. Of course, I would have liked to blog during the event, but (a) I didn't see anywhere to plug in my laptop, so you'd only have got the first 45 minutes' worth, (b) I don't think RCN has wifi and (c) I'm known for the fierceness (and thus, noisiness) of my typing, and I don't think the presentations would have been greatly enhanced by an arrhythmical staccato percussion accompaniment emanating from the audience.

Anyhoo. For simplicity, I shall blog each of the conference's sub-themes in a separate posting. They are as follows:

I may also, here and there, interject my synopses of the official version of events with a "View from the bar", recording some of the delegates' opinions on the subjects that caused most discussion. Read on, Macduff ...