Over the past couple of years we've blogged regularly on the growing importance of short-form content. From academic publishers selling individual articles from journals to Chinese authors hooking millions of readers by way of serialised 'freemium fiction', it's a trend that has been made possible now that digital technology makes it easy and cost-effective to unbundle the book.

Book Industry Communication (BIC) , the organisation focused on the book industry's supply chain, is the latest body to use the opportunities presented by digital publishing technology to create short-form content - this time to educate the publishing industry itself. It has just launched an initiative called BIC Bites. This is an 'imprint' of training papers, authored by industry experts and rigorously quality checked by BIC committee members and volunteers.

BIC Bites is intended to form a repository of authoritative information on important, but frequently under-documented topics such as ONIX and VAT. The papers themselves are free to download, and BIC Bites has launched with five papers on-site. More papers will follow in 2015, and even in its early stages the imprint looks as though it has the potential to grow into an invaluable resource for people looking to learn more about the topics, ideas and technologies that will underpin the publishing industry's future success.

You can find all five BIC Bites here.