This month's ALPSP Seminar "Publishers and Library Consortia: Changing Expectations" explored the shifting sands of consortia-publisher relations, the consortia landscapes in Europe and North America, and what models are on their way in (PDA) and out (Knowledge Exchange-style partnerships). Speakers included Rick Anderson from the University of Utah, Richard Bennett from Springer, and Pierre Carbone from the French Ministry of Education, among others. Some of the highlights, courtesy of, include:

SURFdiensten and international cooperation: the case of Knowledge Exchange (ppt)
Wilma Mossink, Legal Advisor, SURFfoundation/SURFdiensten, The Netherlands
Nol Verhagen, Licensing Working Group of Knowledge Exchange and advisor to the UKB Consortium of the Netherlands

Overview of the library consortia landscape in Europe (audio)(ppt)
Pierre Carbone, Library Inspector, French Ministry of Education

The consortia landscape in the USA (audio)(ppt)
Rick Anderson, Associate Director for Scholarly Resources & Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah

The global economic crisis and its impact on consortia licenses: a financial perspective (audio)(ppt)
Hazel Woodward, Cranfield University Librarian and Director of Cranfield Press

The past, the present and the future: a commercial publisher's perspective on library consortia (audio)(presentation - link to
Richard Bennett, Vice President - Sales, North, West & Eastern Europe, Springer

The not-for-profit publisher and consortia negotiations (audio)(ppt)
Adam Gardner, Publishing Sales Director, CABI

 Panel discussion: publishing collaborations and innovative licensing models (audio part 1) (audio part 2)
John Parsons, Senior Sales Manager, Europe, BioOne (ppt)
Robert Jacobs, Director of Publisher Relations, Swets (ppt)
Tom Taylor, President, DragonFly (ppt)
Emilie Delquie, Vice-president, Publishers Communication Group (ppt)