When we boil it down, what is it that successful publishers do? You might get a range of answers to this question, some more ‘romantic’ than others, but the essence of it is that publishers need to connect with their readers through their content, retain those readers, and ultimately monetise this relationship in order to survive and thrive.

Sound simple enough? In part, yes, but It also seems that technology has the wonderful ability to make things easier and harder, simultaneously automating processes and allowing for better control of data, whilst opening new, often complex avenues that weren’t available before.

Making content available in the public domain to large audiences is easier than ever, but making it visible is entirely different. With so much online ‘noise’ and changing consumer habits, content platforms, communities, collaborative filtering and business intelligence all play a key part in the ability of the publisher to connect with their readers in a meaningful way. Hand in hand with this, consumer’s expectations on availability and cost are being shaped by the way they consume media. Whether it’s reading the news, listening to music or an audio book or watching movies, we find ourselves presented with A la Carte style pricing, unlimited access monthly subscriptions, free content with advertisements, freemium models and hybrid models. This provides a tremendous opportunity for all publishers to find new revenue and content models, but without deeper understanding, tremendous opportunity to get it wrong.

We’re tackling these issues head on at London Book Fair next month by bringing together a selection of experts to share their views, and offer insight into potential solutions. Sessions will be held in the Faculty.

Tuesday 14 March, 11.30-12.30 – Connecting readers to content and keeping their Interest

Wednesday 15 March, 11.30-12.30 – How to enhance value: revenue and content models of the future.

You can view our full list of contributors to these conversations here.

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