Publishers Weekly reports on a recent study by the content monitoring firm Attributor, which attempts to measure the demand for pirated e-books. The report claims that demand for pirated books has increased "54% over the last year, including a 20% increase since the spring launch of the iPad." To get these results, they

measured demand by identifying large cyberlocker sites in the book space and then pulling the top 89 selling titles on Amazon. The company then entered keywords typically associated with searches for pirated e-books for each of the 89 books into a Google search to measure demand. The company estimated that 1.5 million to 3 million people worldwide were looking for pirated editions of the 89 e-books on a daily basis.

Attributor has launched a "Protected Badge" program that places "a 'Badge' inside copies of e-books that alerts consumers that they have bought an authorized copy and which has links to learn more about why that is important for both publishers and authors." So far, the publishers Macmillan and Kensington have signed up for the program.