Via No Shelf Required: a round-up of the e-content procurement session given by PCG's Emilie Delquie at the Charleston Conference.

Cory Tucker, Head of Collection Development from UNLV and Emilie Delquie, VP of Publishers Communication Group provided an overview of the variety of ways in which electronic content is being procured in libraries.  Cory discussed several current driving factors for procurement including decreasing library budgets, the variety of business models available, and network level access and discovery of content.

Among the topics discussed were different e-book purchasing models options for the future, including patron-driven-acquisition, pay-per-view, and leasing:

When they surveyed the audience, 51% of librarians were already using these models to purchase eBooks PCG did a survey of PDA in libraries and found that 47% of respondents had started using PDA in the past year.  Most were doing it as a pilot program with about 1 – 5% of their book budget to test the program.  88% of the respondents were either satisfied or very satisfied with the process.  All respondents were likely/very likely to use it in the future.  After Emilie and Cory discussed the models in greater detail, they surveyed the audience again and asked how likely they were to use some/all of these models in the future.  Only 2% said none at all, so people were definitely interested.

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