We're looking to recruit a couple of developers, senior ones at that, for our development teams, one in Bath and one in Oxford.

The official specifications are over here:

Actually, because we're looking to fill specific roles, the specs are pretty accurate, I think they are a fair representation of the skills and outlook we're seeking in candidates. If you can honestly say you meet most of the requirements, we'd like to hear from you.

What the specs can't tell you about is the atmosphere in ingenta engineering, although the South Park characters we use on the Blog might give you a clue! We're informal, but focused. We're a department with a lot of responsibility taken on by just a few people, consequently our processes are light, just what we need and no more. This means we spend a high proportion of our time on technical work, rather than on paperwork and meetings. We survived the boom and bust of the dot com bubble, and I'd like to think a little bit of that pioneering atmosphere is still present within ingenta.

So, if you live near either of our offices, and have the skills in the job specification, why not send us your CV ?