Publishers Communication Group (PCG) turns 20 this year, and as part of the celebration we would like to welcome you to the new PCG+ blog. This space will be dedicated to a running commentary on PCG research and events, as well as news and notes on the publishing industry and library markets. 

With sales, marketing and research professionals across 3 continents, PCG is in a unique position to provide insight on the rapidly changing world of electronic and scholarly publishing in the 21st century. From the very general (what is the future of Open Acces?) to the very specific (stimulus money at Tennessee universities!) this blog will try to share our unique perspectives on both the library and publishing worlds. At libraries, for example, what is the state of the market today?  What is happening with budgets? What will decision-makers be looking for next? How relevant are consortia? On the industry side, we will address e vs. p, one-time purchases vs. ongoing subscriptions, bundled collections vs. pick-and-choose, and many other issues concerning platforms, access, pricing, branding, discoverability and more. Please bookmark our page, and be sure to check back in for updates on news, clips, musings and the very latest from PCG! 

In addition to the PCG+ blog, here are a few of the other updates and events we have planned for PCG's 20th Anniversary. Please let us know if you have questions about anything below.   

*Champagne and cake at UKSG 

*Conference Trivia contests at UKSG, SSP and SLA. Come by the PCG booth to pick up a trivia card, then do your best to fill it out correctly and drop it off before the end of the show. You could win a free Sony Reader! 

*A redesigned PCG website ( Pay it a visit! 

*An interactive timeline of PCG history 

*Much more 

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