Vicky Buser and I (Ingenta's Information Architects) are pleased to announce that we have had a poster accepted for October's Euro IA Summit in Berlin. The poster "Managing IA the Web 2.0 Way" summarises our experiences of using new social software tools such as Basecamp in our day-to-day work for communicating and managing the information architecture process.

The poster will review four types of tool relating to different activities: flexible specification writing (wikis), collaborative documentation (Writely/Writeboards), real-time interaction (Campfire), and central communications hub (Basecamp). We'll show that there are always new tools and methods that can make the Information Architect's work easier and more exciting. Once we've presented we'll share the poster with the readers of All My Eye, so watch this space!

Having attended last year's first Euro IA Summit in Brussels, we're really looking forward to meeting up with our colleagues from Europe again for more interesting and stimulating presentations and debate. Only this time we'll be taking our poster with ... Expect to hear from us again post-summit as we update you on the European IA scene.