In an ever more crowded marketplace – what can publishers do to make their content more visible?

When we talk about content visibility, we tend to think initially of discoverability. “Will people find my content when they search for it”? But, ‘who’ is promoting your content affects your overall visibility as much as the content structure, and where it’s hosted.

Who is promoting your content?

It can be quite easy for us to think that increased visibility is solely down to mastering the digital space. While your digital strategy plays a significant part in end user discovery, you need to consider visibility on an institutional level.

If you had a sales team working in 12 different languages, attending library conferences to interact with librarians and other potential customers, I’m sure you would agree that your ‘visibility’ would be increased.

Publishers Communication Group have a huge range of services designed to increase visibility and usage of publisher content. Services include:

  • Renewal, win-back, upsell and new sales calls
  • Developing and executing marketing campaigns
  • List building and data mining
  • Social media audits and maintenance
  • Report and infographic creation
  • Promotional video creation in multiple languages
  • Training services for new sales and marketing staff
  • Conference representation
  • Email campaigns in multiple languages

With connections and credibility developed over 25 years – partnering with long-established agency to boost the visibility of your content can dramatically increase usage.

Where is your content hosted?

Perhaps you want to create your own content hub, or perhaps you want it hosted with a third party.  Whatever is right for your organisation, making sure that the site your content is hosted on has the right tools makes a big difference.

Ingenta CMS is a powerful, content agnostic, mobile friendly hosting solution, with fully integrated social media and publisher industry tools like Altmetric, Kudos and TrendMD, which can massively increase the reach of your content.

If you’re looking for a content aggregator, Ingenta Connect, receives 14 million site visits a year – an active audience ready to find your content. Content hosted on Ingenta Connect is distributed free to 11 discovery points, including EBSCO, CrossRef and Portico with an option to distribute to 350 more.

Integration with these discovery points and services makes content on CMS and Ingenta Connect hugely move visible.


Next week we’ll be taking a look at how technology and services can increase your audience understanding – and how you can use this to increase revenues.


Ingenta is the world-leading provider of content solutions that transform business.

Combining our unmatched publishing knowledge, global operations, and customer support with our suite of commercial applications, content management platforms, advertising software and content services, we offer the industry’s only full spectrum of solutions to help publishers move their content forward.

ALPSP 10th Anniversary Conference and Awards

Members of Ingenta and PCG will be attending the ALPSP 10th Anniversary Conference in Septemeber. If you want to take the oppourtunioty to speak with a member of the teams, please contact us to arrange a time.