Did you catch the Digital Book World virtual event last week? if so, you hopefully heard the great session on: Publishing for a Sustainable Future: SDG’s (Sustainable Development Goals) where Ingenta’s CEO, G. Scott Winner joined Sherri Aldis, Chief of United Nations Publications, to discuss the United Nations Global Compact.

If not, then here’s a recap of the informative discussion which highlighted the Ten Principles of the Global Compact, as well as the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as agreed between all 193 UN member states, as the road map for a more sustainable future.

Sherri Aldis, lead the discussion and spoke of the top three sustainable practices for publishing, which align with the main principles under Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption:

1) Reduce carbon footprint for example by reducing travel.

2) Increase sustainability of supply chain by using FSC paper or going digital among other efforts.

3) Publish more content on the SDGs to provide reliable information and encourage people to take action.

The Sustainable Development Goals are the roadmap for the next 10 years, it’s what is called the Decade of Action.

Sherri Aldis went onto explain, “Sustainable development goals like tackling poverty and climate change have wide-ranging global support. Many are essential to publishers, like increasing diversity, upholding quality standards in education and combating misinformation.”

In August we announced that Ingenta had signed up to the UN Global Compact agreement, so it was a privilege for Scott Winner to join Sherri Aldis for this session at the all-virtual Digital Book World event last week.

Scott Winner spoke about the many positive reasons and advantages for Ingenta making the commitment and signing up to the United Nations Global Compact, “When I first looked at the Sustainable Development Goals in the @globalcompact, I thought it would cost us more, but our costs were actually reduced by embracing these goals.”

“When COVID hit, we could order employees to work from home immediately. We’d already been encouraging that for the last two years, thanks to our corporate sustainability plan.” added Scott Winner.

The benefits aren’t just about cost savings, Ingenta’s commitment touches various principles, and aligns us to many partners globally, making way for a better, more sustainable world for all of us.

Scott Winner explained, “With sustainable business practices, it helps to have a multi-national unity of language. The UN Global Compact helps us talk about our initiatives, and engage our partners with a common language, so we can achieve shared goals.”

“We choose initiatives that best align with the sustainable development goals and encourage our global partners to align with them too.” concluded Scott Winner.


You can find out more about the UN’s Global Compact or if you would like to learn more about Ingenta’s solutions and working towards a more sustainable future then please get in touch.

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