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For immediate release
27th November 2007

Ingenta launches pub2web
Next generation publications platform is best-of-breed solution to evolving publisher and user needs

Ingenta, the technology provider that connects the publishing and information industries, today announces the launch of its next generation publications platform, pub2web. This full-service feature-rich publishing system assembles best-of-breed components into a scalable, extensible platform, building on the proven technical architecture of leading research destination IngentaConnect while offering comprehensive customisation options to its clients. [More about the system's architecture] Publishers will benefit from fully-tailored graphical design, flexible information and content architecture, and an extensive suite of functionality that ranges from standard website navigation tools, to leading-edge features that take advantage of evolving browser capabilities.

pub2web is also fully integrated with the company's award-winning Metastore, a data repository designed to support flexible content types, multiple search and browse options and semantic data mining. It goes beyond the restrictive infrastructure of paper journals to support innovative online business models, while greatly reducing content loading times, allowing content to be accessible online within minutes of upload. [More about Metastore] Meanwhile, the platform's state-of-the-art search functionality offers enhanced indexing of author names, spell checking, additional sorting options and relevance rankings. [More about pub2web searching]

Launch clients for the new platform include the World Bank, which will deploy pub2web to upgrade its e-Library, the International Monetary Fund and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), which has selected pub2web to deliver the third generation of its prestigious online library SourceOECD. OECD's Head of Publishing, Toby Green, explains why:

"In 2000, Ingenta built our first-generation service, offering our journals, books, reference works and interactive databases in a single, seamless, website. At that time, combining such an array of different content types into a single, seamless, site was considered innovative. Now, we must continue to innovate with tools and services that increase our users' productivity and we think Ingenta's pub2web platform will allow us to do just that. Our third-generation service using pub2web will launch in mid-2008. It’s an exciting time."
"The loyalty of major clients like the OECD, IMF and World Bank is one of the critical success factors in any service organisation," comments Ingenta Vice President Douglas Wright. "I'm pleased that we can justify their commitment to us with a robust new publication platform to showcase their increasingly complex range of content. pub2web exemplifies our pro-active, dynamic approach to technology, giving publishers the control they seek and enabling us to compete very convincingly in the online publishing sector."

To find out more about our pub2web publications platform, please visit the Ingenta stand (404) at Online Information. Alternatively, download this PDF.

Example of a pub2web publications platform homepage
Example design for the homepage of a pub2web publications platform;
features include data feeds of news and top articles, integration of blogs and wikis,
along with more traditional features such as browse and search navigation,
access control, and help documentation.

pub2web's technical architecture
is a multi-tier Java J2EE application running on the open source JBoss application server and the Jetty servlet engine. The system is backed by a mixture of database technologies including Oracle, Postgres and MySQL. Web services conforming to the REST architectural pattern are used to bring together data in real-time for creating a dynamic user experience for end users. Agile software engineering practices and rigorous release processes will allow rapid installation and deployment of a continuous stream of application upgrade, allowing Ingenta to deliver modular developments and ensure each client’s pub2web platform remains state-of-the-art. [back to main body]

pub2web's Metastore data repository
is an RDF (Resource Description Framework) triplestore, built using Jena, an open source Java framework developed by Hewlett Packard's HP Labs. RDF provides a framework for describing resources, their metadata and their relationships. "Resources" could simply be academic papers, but the technology is flexible enough to represent any kind of research data that a publisher might wish to deliver through pub2web. [back to main body]

pub2web's search engine
is powered by O
pen Source codebases Solr, an enterprise search server, and Lucene, a highly respected search engine library used by several applications and websites including Wikipedia. Its flexible architecture can index any file from which text can be extracted, enabling it to catalogue the many data types deliverable by a pub2web site. [back to main body]


For more information, please contact:
Charlie Rapple
Ingenta, a division of Ingenta
Tel: +44 1865 397860
Email: charlie.rapple@ingenta.com
MSN: rappleland@hotmail.com
AIM: Rappleland
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About Ingenta
Ingenta is the global market leader in online management and distribution of publications, allowing publishers to focus on their core business by outsourcing their online publishing requirements. Ingenta's key competences include website design and development, data conversion and enhancement, secure online hosting, access & authentication and content discoverability management. Flagship web platform IngentaConnect provides 250 research publishers and societies with a ready-made audience (of over 20,000 libraries) for their publications. For libraries and information professionals, the site offers comprehensive collection management and document delivery options for over 30,000 publications. Ingenta also develops and maintains discrete publication websites, and delivers a range of complementary technology services including Information Commerce Software, which provides flexible infrastructure and tools to enable publishers to repackage, bundle or price content online at the click of a button.

In 2007, Ingenta merged with VISTA International to form Ingenta, the largest provider of publishing software solutions. The company is listed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange and has offices in Europe and North America.