I'm delighted to announce that Ingenta has agreed terms to merge with VISTA International, www.vistacomp.com, a leading global provider of software systems and support services for the publishing industry. We will combine to form a new company, Ingenta, which will be the largest provider of publishing-specific software solutions to the information industry.

Our Information Commerce Software (ICS) is at the centre of the deal and will be brought into VISTA's author2reader™ applications suite to create end-to-end support for managing and integrating online and offline publications. It's exciting, as we will be the only company to offer an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system which will (a) be specifically tailored to publishers (those from e.g. Oracle or SAP often don't quite fit with publishers' unique needs) and (b) will cover the complete print publishing supply chain (other Information Commerce systems tend to focus on the electronic aspect with limited offline integration).

Beyond this, our existing business units (e.g. IngentaConnect, Heron, PCG) will continue to operate relatively autonomously; the merger is a vertical integration designed to broaden our proposition and outside of author2reader™/ICS there's limited overlap in our activities.

For full information about the merger, the new company, or the organisation ongoing, please do take a look at the Ingenta website at www.ingenta.com.