We're having a very communicative morning over at Ingenta Towers, with the latest issue of our eyetoeye library newsletter about to mail, and two press announcements being released to the media this morning.

Issue 21 of library eyetoeye includes

The press announcements are formal releases of news which has already begun to make its way around the blogosphere:
  • the appointments of Leigh Dodds as CTO, Ingenta and Gary Bowman as Product Engineering Director, VISTA
  • "Both Gary and Leigh have demonstrated an innovative approach to technological development in recent years and their unassailable expertise in our core business areas puts Ingenta in a strong competitive position," comments George Lossius, CEO of our parent company Ingenta.
  • news that 6 more publishers have chosen Ingenta as their online publishing partner and 11 existing clients have extended the terms of their agreement with us
  • Over and out!