Rebecca Appleby

Shifting from a print only model to an online only model requires planning to prevent subscriber drop off from institutions and personal subscribers.  In the last ten years, many journals stopped the printing press and are currently providing richer content to subscribers online and through mobile technology.  Publishers Communication Group (PCG), part of Ingenta (PT), has worked with many publishers during this important transition and has some important tips to share.  For journal publishers considering an online only model in the future, now is the time to act!  Moving your content online this summer minimizes disruption as your content would be available for the beginning of the academic year, well-timed for the fall library subscription buying cycle.

  • Find a technology partner to help you convert your content to an online friendly format easily accessible to library subscribers and institutions.

  • Ensure the full text of your content can be crawled by Google and other search engines.  It can take months for search engines to find and index your content so timing is essential.

  • PCG recommends a subtle transition period of time while the publisher offers both a print and online option.  Institutions, particularly abroad, can take a year or two to shift how they provide access to your content for their subscribers.

  • Start gathering your print subscriber email addresses.  Corresponding with messaging about going online over email will save on print mailing costs.

  • Be aware of the mobile technology and e-reader momentum in your field.  Future proof your content by ensuring it can be found on the next mobile device that hits the marketplace.

Ingenta’s IngentaConnect service can act as your online technology partner throughout this process.  IngentaConnect provides a fully outsourced, cost-effective e-publishing package that offers data conversion and enhancement, secure web hosting, flexible e-commerce and content discoverability management. 

IngentaConnect is a proven channel to get your content online quickly, easily and affordably.  Publishers moving online for the first time or publishers looking to switch platforms simply need to provide them with their publications – in a variety of data formats, including print – and subscription data. For more information on how IngentaConnect can help you with this transition, please contact Rebecca Appleby on