A few weeks ago we blogged about the breakfast seminar we held at the Frankfurt Book Fair which set out to untangle the semantic web for scholarly publishers. As lots of you have been checking out the blog post we thought it was a good idea to share Louise Tutton's slides from the event with you.

In this presentation (embedded below), Louise explored how publishers are making the first steps in their semantic web strategies. She highlighted text mining as the first stage in this process, with many publishers already using it for generating metadata, creating new products or for internal purposes such as analysing usage. At the same time, she noted mining requests are also coming in to publishers from third parties, particularly A&I services and corporate customers.

After this Louise went on to use the case study of GSE Research, a new publisher operating in the sustainability and good governance sector (whose director Amanda Briggs guest-blogged for us in September) that is integrating semantic web technologies into all of its online activities.

We hope you find the presentation as useful as the people who attended the seminar at Frankfurt, and if you have any comments or questions let us know in the box below.

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