A number of  university presses in Europe have banded together to form the new Association of European University Presses (AEUP), which launched officially this month.  Not unlike its American counterpart, the AEUP will aim to "enhance the visibility of member presses and facilitate communication between them, to share knowledge and to strengthen their common mission to support scholarly publishing." As explained in the press release:

The Association can help university presses to get to know each other, to share information and best practices and to enhance their presence in Europe. As a first step to achieve these goals, AEUP set up a website at www.aeup.eu. The website will contain an online directory of member presses and a forum for members as a first tool to share knowledge about all aspects of scholarly publishing. We will also develop a 'Best practices' wiki with contributions from member presses. Another goal of the Association is to help the outside world to get to know university presses and make sure their commitment to scholarly publishing is recognised by academic institutions, potential authors, readers and buyers. This may include shared stands at international book fairs (such as the stand for European University Presses at Frankfurt, representing approximately 30 presses from Germany, France, Italy and Austria), joint promotion of publishing programmes and collaboration with large consortia and service providers.

The eight founding members of the association include Amsterdam University Press, ENS Editions, KIT Scientific Publishers, Leuven University Press, Northumbria University Press, Nottingham University Press, Fondation Maison Sciences de l'Homme, and  Leiden University Press.