Last week scholarly publishers from across the UK convened in London for our Online Publishing Forum to discuss academic publishing and its relationship with semantic web technologies, apps and the future of library funding. We've already shared the slides from our speakers' presentations for those of you who couldn't make it to the event via Slideshare, but we also caught the whole event on video and you can watch it here. We hope you enjoy the videos and please let us know your thoughts in the comment box below. GSE Research - Repositioning Scholarly Publishing Amanda Briggs, director of new scholarly publisher, GSE Research (and former guest blogger right here) explains why she believes the traditional model of scholarly publishing is beginning to act as a barrier to the expansion of knowledge, and sets out a vision for how GSE Research is going to change that. Priya Parvatakir - Engineering The Semantic Web Ingenta's own in-house semantic web expert, Priya, demonstrates how the technologies she's explained right here on this blog are being applied in GSE Research's new website to make its content discoverable and context-rich. SiNae Pitts - Apps for STM Publishers SiNae Pitts from app developer Amphetamobile demonstrates some impressive technology that academic publishers are applying to make engaging, dynamic and profitable smartphone and tablet apps. Marco Castellan - Library Market Trends Marco Castellan, of our sister company PCG, lifts the lid on some research into trends in the library market in this presentation, covering subscription renewal data, geographical variations in the update of online subscriptions and an intriguing glimpse into the working lives or corporate librarians.