This week is Open Access Week, where researchers and publishers across the globe come together to explore the benefits of open access research. Organised by SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), it highlights how freeing up access to scholarly research, and giving other researchers the right to re-use those results as they see fit, has the power to transform science, industry, medicine and academia forever.

To show its support for Open Access Week, scholarly publisher, Maney, is opening up its collection of Archaeology and Heritage collection, which includes prestigious titles such as The Journal of the British Archaeological Association, via ingentaconnect between 24th October and 4th November. Maney is also collecting users' views on the Open Access publishing model via this survey. If you'd like to know more about Open Access Week and find events taking place in your local area or university campus, you can find more information on the initiative's website and in this article just published on STM-Publishing. And for an overview of what Open Access Week is all about, why not watch the organisers' latest video, featuring Brewster Kahle, who founded the Internet Archive below. Happy Open Access Week!