One feature we've had on IngentaConnect for a while now (since December 2004 in fact) is OPML exports of the RSS feeds we generate, organized by subject category. The feature is something I threw in one day and has largely existed as an "easter egg", although I did blog about it once.

The feeds are embedded in the subject category pages using an "auto discovery" link similar to that used for RSS feeds, e.g:

title="OPML" href="" />

The URLs could be tidier, but they do the job. I thought I'd publish a list of the feeds here:

Using those links should get you listing of the main IngentaConnect RSS feeds for our electronic collection (i.e. the latest title feed for each journal), grouped by our subject categories. Useful if you're interested in subscribing to a bunch of feeds in one go, or grabbing lists of RSS feeds to create a directory.

Only interested in the feeds for titles that your institution has a subscription to? Then we support that too. At present it relies on IP authentication to identify you and your institution, so its only useful if you're accessing the link from on campus, or via a proxy server, and obviously that your institution has subscriptions activated on IngentaConnect.

To subset the list, add the following parameter to any of the URLs:


Thats it.

Any problems or suggestions for improvements, please let me know.