On Thursday of the Charleston Conference, PCG Senior Consultant Janet Fisher will be moderating a session entitled "One for All and All for Everyone: The Art of Negotiating Licenses in an Age of Collaboration." Please stop by to check it out!

THURS C2 3:00 PM – 3:45 PM

One for All and All for Everyone: The Art of Negotiating Licenses in an Age of Collaboration

Location: Addlestone Library, Room 122

Thread: TE

Speakers: Janet Fisher (Moderator) - Publishers Communication Group; Mark Kurtz – BioOne; Erin Igoe – Cambridge University Press; Rick Anderson – University of Utah

The licensing of electronic content is a complex and time-consuming process that places significant administrative burdens on publishers and libraries alike. This session will explore why that is the case by evaluating the current licensing situation between publishers and institutions with the intent to gain a better understanding of each partner's legitimate-but often competing-interests. This session will provide concrete examples of how the licensing process can be approached on a collaborative basis, with a common understanding of the issues confronting all stakeholders in a digital context.The outcome will propose best practices in licensing that will help publishers better understand how to respond to questions within their own organizations as well as those of the institutional community in this economic environment, and will help librarians better understand the concerns of scientific publishers.