A few weeks ago PCG finalized a three-year agreement between JISC Collections and the Independent Scholarly Publishers Group (ISPG) to bring ISPG's collection of world-class science and medical journals to the UK academic community. From the official press release:

The Independent Scholarly Publishers Group (ISPG) and JISC Collections have successfully concluded a three year NESLi2 agreement for the higher education and further education communities in the UK.  This agreement offers libraries access to the prestigious medical and life-sciences society journals, which are part of the ISPG and will enable institutions in the UK to access the entire collection.

The ISPG Collection – Europe, a very recent and ambitious initiative in scholarly publishing, is made up of fifteen independent society publishers, and thirty-five journals, which are all hosted on HighWire Press. UK academic institutions will now have the singular opportunity to benefit from research published in these high-impact society journals for their libraries.

“The recent JISC Collections agreement represents a very important development for the ISPG publishers in that they have the opportunity to work closely with UK institutions in improving access to cutting-edge resources,” commented ISPG Facilitator and Spokesman, Tom Taylor. “We are extremely excited about this collaboration and opportunities for the near future.”

For more information, please contact PCG's ISPG representative in Europe, Jas Atwal (jatwal@pcgplus.com).