On Tuesday 29th November, a handpicked audience of publishers and technologists attended our Online Publishers Forum in London to hear about the latest technological innovations in scholarly and academic publishing. The presentations delivered by speakers at the event are now available on Slideshare and posted on this blog here. They cover a fascinating range of topics. Amanda Briggs of new scholarly publisher GSE Research kicked off with a passionate argument that the current model of academic publishing was ripe for change.

She was followed by Ingenta's Priya Parvatakir, who demonstrated how we're baking semantic web technologies into GSE Research's new online publishing website to help it realise its dream of transforming its publishing sector. Next up was SiNae Pitts from app developer Amphetamobile, who flew in from Philadelphia especially to demonstrate how an ever increasing number of academic publishers were turning their content into appealing and lucrative tablet and smartphone apps. And lastly, Marco Castellan of PCG took the stage to give us a sneak peek of Library Market Trends, lifting the lid on some fascinating subscription renewal stats that we'll blog about very shortly. We hope you enjoy the presentations and let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.