by Sarah Kosofsky

Every publisher has strategies employed to better reach international customers.  Bloomsbury Publishing, however, as recently spotlighted in Publishers Weekly, has developed a new strategy for reaching potential customers abroad.

Bloomsbury’s new ad campaign focuses on those with tablet devices.  Banner ads will be placed on newspaper and other English-language websites to catch the attention of English-language readers who might be interested in some of the 65 books included in the campaign.  The ads will have IP detection software, meaning that a customer can purchase materials from wherever they reside, once they click on the ad.

What’s interesting about this ad campaign is that it allows for potential customers to be targeted geographically.  Ads that are geographically targeted have the unique ability to cater to a specific demographic: think television ads for local companies or restaurants that are watched on network channels. It is a similar marketing strategy, but a digital variation. These types of ads, as a result of their targeted campaigns, have the potential to be more successful than conventional advertising.

Although the argument could be made the use of IP detection software in online ads is a bit prying, it is most certainly something that will be utilized more and more as the world, not just the publishing industry, further switches to digital.