Writing in the Washington Post's College Inc. blog,  Daniel de Vise cites a National Science Foundation survey which puts American universities' R&D spending up 5.8% for last year. Beyond academia, industry spending on R&D "Rose 12 percent to $3.2 billion from fiscal 2008 to fiscal 2009, while the much larger category of federal spending rose 4 percent to $32.6 billion."

de Vise also offers a snapshot of the Chronicle of Higher Education's R&D ranking chart for academic institutions:

1. Johns Hopkins U., $1.6 billion

2. U. of Michigan (all campuses), $636 million

3. U. of Washington (all campuses), $619 million

4. MIT, $533 million

5. U. of California, San Diego, $511 million

44. University of Maryland, $247 million

48. University of Virginia, $218 million

62. University of Maryland, Baltimore, $169 million

69. Virginia Tech, $148 million

86. Georgetown U., $120 million