We are delighted to post the attached white paper developed by PCG staff Kate Lara, Research Manager, with help from Janet Fisher, Senior Publishing Consultant, and Chris Mirakian, Account Manager. Published by Springer, the paper updates librarians on the current state of research on Return on Investment (RoI) for eBooks. Interviews with key researchers and librarians are included in the paper as well as a bibliography for librarians to watch for future developments.

Early results of the research point to significant RoI for eBooks in terms of grant revenue to universities. EBooks make it possible for faculty to access more materials when doing research for grants, and grants with higher numbers of citations (most of which come from their local library) show an increased rate of success. In addition, eBooks have substantial benefits in terms of space, lower management costs for librarians, and improved research and teaching results for faculty. Publishers can help by following the COUNTER guidelines so that usage statistics are standardized across all eBook collections, including the reporting of “zero use titles.”

Download the full white paper here.