Congratulations to PNAS' Mark Chesnek, who answered all 10 trivia questions correctly and won the  PCG iPad at the SSP conference. Thanks to the many people who participated in the trivia contest -- we'll be doing it again next week at SLA! Here are the answers:

1.) The ________________ are the leading international awards honoring excellence on the Internet.

   Webby Awards

2.) The name “Alcatraz” is derived from the Spanish word for what bird?

Pelican, or gannet

 3.) What company is typically credited with the launch of the “paperback revolution” in the English-language book market?

Penguin Books

 4.) Name three of the five countries that border the Caspian Sea.

 Russia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan

5.) What do the letters "A&M" refer to in the name of a university?

Agricultural and Mechanical 

6.) Which of these countries is NOT a part of the Commonwealth of Nations (formerly the British Commonwealth)?

a. Ivory Coast                         c. Jamaica

b. Pakistan                             d. Cameroon

7.) What is Cai Lun often credited with inventing in 2nd century China?


8.) Jack Kerouac, Alan Greenspan and Barack Obama all attended this university.

Columbia University  

9.) According to the PCG+ blog (, in which three cities did seven PCG employees run simultaneous half-marathons on May 30, 2010?

Sao Paolo, Boston (or Cambridge) and Oxford

10.) What piece of technology made its debut at the New York Public Library in the summer of 2007?

the Espresso Book Machine