It's Frankfurt Book Fair this week, with a large part of the world's publishing industry currently concentrated in the Messegelände's huge exhibition buildings. And one thing we know many academic publishers will be discussing at the event is how big data, and the growing clamour from many people in the scholarly community for a more open peer review process will affect their business.

Louise Russell (regular visitors will know her as Louise Tutton) will be talking to scholarly publishers tomorrow about how embracing the semantic web is one way they can prepare for these fundamental changes. She'll be chairing a breakfast seminar on Untangling the semantic web for publishers tomorrow (Thursday) at 9am.

But in case you can't make it, here's the next installment in our series of semantic web videos. Here Louise explains why text mining (a key part of implementing a semantic web project) gives publishers the chance to make their existing online content more search friendly, while opening up opportunities for creating entirely new content bundles.


As always we hope you enjoy it, and please let us know your comments in the box below.