PCG would like to recognize and congratulate our 7 employees who ran simultaneous half-marathons on May 30 to raise money for cancer research. Everyone finished their races, and the group raised $3,700 in the process! Some comments from our runners:

We were blessed by an incredible summers' day in Boston, and if anything, it was getting too hot by the end. But really, it was truly inspirational, well done to everyone for participating AND finishing. We should have some picture to share very soon too. 7 people, 3 half-marathons completed in 3 continents, Ingenta runners team rocks!

-- Marco Castellan, European Business Development Manager

I would like to thank everyone who decided on running also, Hope, Jenny, Kate, Claire, Paul Corderoy and Marco! This was a great initiative and I`m very proud of being part of such a great team in every way possible.

-- Bruno Machado, Gerente de Contas América Latina

pictures from Corpore Half Marathon in Brazil, courtesy of Bruno Machado.