These are interesting times for the academic and scholarly publishing markets. As their businesses increasingly migrate online, many publishers are presently exploring how this affects their business models.

Much of this exploration is happening behind closed doors, but there is one scholarly publisher out there that seems to be interested in crowdsourcing its future business strategy. The American Accounting Association is a professional society publisher which publishes 16 journals in the United States. As part of its ongoing review into its future business model, the AAA has just created this video which provides an excellent 101 guide to how a scholarly publisher makes money now. It then goes on to outline a number of alternative strategies for scholarly publishing and how publishers might secure revenues from them.

The video is well worth watching if you're interested in learning about the commercial implications of changing business models. It makes absolutely clear, for example, how securing revenues for a traditional peer review journal differs from an open access journal.

The AAA's objective behind creating this video was to gather feedback from interested parties on what they thought of these differing business models, and how far they believed they would change scholarly publishing. They're keen for people to share their views by leaving comments on the YouTube. So if you think subscription journals are here to stay, or whether we'll see an explosion in PLoS style mega journals, this is the place to say it.