Ingenta is delighted to be part of the Australian Book Industry Awards, a celebration of the achievements of authors, booksellers and publishers from over the past year, by sponsoring and helping to select the winner of the highly prized Book Industry Digital Innovation Award. Last year, the award – won by Sydney-based Chris Stephens's and Jon Attenborough's of Read How You Want - had a purely digital theme, but since innovation of any kind is key to the strategies of all publishing companies across the industry now, this year’s award will accept nominations of exceptional innovation in any medium, and not just the area of digital. For anyone that has somehow missed Read How You Want coming onto the scene, the concept and reality of the product is that any publisher using this software can produce content in a variety of digital formats, many of which can then easily be replicated into print. These formats include Braille, DAISY and a variety of large print sizes. Read How You Want has also come up with a solution to produce a phonetic format, which is proven to be far easier to learn and read for people with reading difficulties due to dyslexia. Since winning the award last year, Read How You Want have found there to be considerable crossover for the product into ESL (English as a Second Language) markets and they have been able to use winning the award to springboard into international markets too. The Awards are open to all Australian-based firms serving the publishing industry and judging criteria for this are as follows: 1) How has the initiative developed new markets for books/content and engaged new consumers both within and outside of the industry in a way that is truly different to traditional book publishing. Please provide examples in terms of consumer attraction, retention, product development and delivery. 2) What makes this innovation unique in the face of world-wide content and technology trends? To enter please download nomination and payment form below. Once both forms are completed, please email for submission. An entry fee of $93.50 will apply. Download Nomination Form Download Payment Form