Last week, Ingenta hosted its annual Executive Exchange customer event in New York, where 20 publishers, industry consultants, press representatives and Ingenta executives gathered together to interact, network and exchange information on ways to "move your content forward in an evolving marketplace."  The event, which was written up in Book Business magazine kicked off with Ingenta COO Randy Petway presenting his view of the future of the industry, including new realities such as the shift to mobile, the shift to social, their influence on behavior and corresponding opportunities and threats.  Later, Human Kinetics CEO, Brian Holding discussed the new "B2B2C" marketplace, including leveraging direct customer relationships even while dealing with intermediaries such as retailers and Amazon.  Lastly, Laura Dawson, Product Manager of Identifiers at Bowker spoke about increasing product and content discoverability, reporting on developments with the ISTC (International Standard Text Identifier), ISNI (International Standard Name Identifier) and DOI (Digital Object Identifier).  The presentations were highly rated by the attendees and worth checking out on our SlideShare site.

Randy Petway, Ingenta: A Futuristic View of the Publishing Industry
Brian Holding, Human Kinetics:  Time of Chaos, Time of Control
Laura Dawson, Bowker: Emerging Identifiers