Last Tuesday, 6th June Ingenta held its annual US Publisher Forum, at Dumbarton House in Washington, DC. Like the November meeting, which was for our UK for UK clients, the event consisted of a mixture of presentations from Ingenta staff as well as invited speakers from the industry.

I was lucky enough to be asked to present alongside my colleagues Louise Tutton (Head of Client Management) and Lucy Power (Senior Information Architect). Louise gave an update on the new and upcoming features available on IngentaConnect, and how we're adapting the service to meet the needs of publishers in the rapidly changing environment. Lucy provided an excellent introduction to the benefits of Information Architecture and provided some insights into what techniques her team uses when working with clients. I gave a talk called "The Web of Data" which further explored some themes I've explored in recent talks. More on that in another posting.

I wanted to share my notes on the talks given my our external speakers: Toni Tracy (Portico), Helen Henderson (Information Power) and Mary Page (Rutgers University Libraries).

I believe the presentations should all be online shortly, but I've put notes from the talks into the following postings:

I personally found the forum to be extremely useful. It was nice to meet some of our clients and discuss issues that they face, as well as getting updates from our industry speakers. I attended SSP in the days following the forum and many of the issues explored by our speakers (archiving, institutional identifiers, etc) were echoed in other presentations and discussions. I think we managed to create an event that was firmly on the pulse of current industry issues. Hopefully these notes will be useful to others who were unable to attend.

I believe our next event will be later this year where we will be having a similar gathering of UK publishers before the Online Information conference in London.