This week on the blog we report on the effectiveness of the semantic web in government. Both the US and UK have released statements of intent to incorporate a more informed use of the semantic web in their plans to better the future of government data efficiency. “Enterprise information visibility,” is the new  on-trend term from the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) who provide IT services to the American Department of Defence (DOD). As the DISA seek ideas on how to streamline the DOD’s millions of personnel and thousands of IT systems by standardizing data sharing through the use of the Semantic Web, across the pond, the UK National Health System also unveils efforts to improve its data sharing capabilities. In a further push, the UK also launches its first world-leading Open Data Institute. Each week we bring you the most thought-provoking news on how the semantic web is changing the way web users discover, interact and exchange online. We hope you find the links useful, and if you’d like us to cover any particular aspect of the semantic web in the comments box below.     DOD aims to improve info sharing – Information Week USA The Department of Defense (DOD) aims to streamline how its millions of personnel and thousands of IT systems share information by standardizing data sharing through the use of the semantic Web. The Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), which provides IT services to the DOD, is seeking ideas for how to improve what it calls "enterprise information visibility," which refers to how easily data can be shared, analyzed, and reported across the myriad systems the DOD employs. (Elizabeth Montalbano)   Government plans open data push – The Guardian Open data initiatives for the NHS, transport, weather and house prices, along with the creation of an Open Data Institute are due be announced to coincide with the chancellor's Autumn Statement tomorrow. The government hopes that the moves will boost investment in digital and medical technology, encouraging small and medium sized firms, support the development of applications by entrepreneurs and make business logistics and computing more efficient. There will also be new healthcare data release services for industry and academia, aimed at helping them to develop new products and services, and more detailed prescribing data to support research in analytics, electronic data management and other digitial technologies. (Mark Say)   Open Data Institute to help drive innovation and growth A world-leading Open Data Institute is to be established in East London, helping to drive innovation and exploit the growth opportunities for the UK created by the government’s Open Data policy. It will ensure that Open Data research is transformed into commercial advantage for UK companies, work with academic centres to increase the number of trained personnel with extensive Open Data skills and provide expert advice for government. “The new Institute will help to demonstrate the commercial value of public data and develop the capability of UK businesses to exploit this value, with support from academic institutions.” (Katy Cowan)