This week on the semantic web, we look at the new Wolfram Alpha Pro release and why the semantic explosion could be a big business opportunity for security firms. Meanwhile, Luca Scagliarini makes a case for thinking of Big Data as much more than social media sentiment analysis, and a semantically-enabled start-up publisher goes on the acquisition trail.

The Verge - Wolfram Alpha democratizes data analysis

This in depth look at the new 'Pro' release of the highly lauded semantic knowledge engine, Wolfram Alpha, explains how it uses structured data to return better quality search results, create powerful reports and even analysis for BYOD (Bring Your Own Data).

Seeking Alpha - Facebook IPO marks the transition to the semantic web

An intriguing perspective on what opportunities the semantic web will bring for tech investors. The writer argues that too many clouds may equal a thunderstorm for the security of our personal information, as more and more of our lives are fed into semantically enabled networks like Facebook and LinkedIn, and may ultimately benefit security companies most of all.

Smart Data Collective - Big Data, Unstructured Information Analysis is More Than Sentiment

In this blog post Luca Scagliarini argues that the challenge that social media sentiment analysis is getting too much attention in the Big Data debate, and companies should be spending more time and money finding ways to interpret the mass of unstructured information relevant to their brands that populates the web.

PaidContent - Briefing Media Takes Farmers And Doctors Off UBM’s Hands

B2B publisher UBM announces that it's selling its UK magazines for farmers and doctors to start-up publisher Briefing Media, which plans to add the titles to its semantic publishing platform.