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This week on the PT blog is the story of Dag Kittlaus, the Siri millionaire and his encounter with Steve Jobs, new semantic web pioneer Laurian Gridinoc, and a round-up of the IC3K Conference given by renowned leaders of the semantic web academic sphere.

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Meet Dag Kittlaus, the guy who made Siri and became a millionaire following a personal phone call from Steve Jobs

Dag Kittlaus, a 44-year-old from Norway, is living an American dream with his wife and three kids in a nice Chicago suburb. His life took a turn for the better following a special phone call from Apple last year.

The Semantic Web Is Getting Closer: The IC3K International Joint Conference

The keynote speakers were all outstanding in their presentation and content. They all clearly showed that the semantic web is not some theoretical idea but rather a practical approach to capturing and reusing knowledge.

Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership fellows will bridge the gap between technology and news.

Five developers, designers and programmer-journalists funded by the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership are to spend a year in five national newsrooms around the world. Whilst studying medicine Laurian Gridinoc (BBC Fellow) co-founded a brand strategy and interactive consultancy in Romania. For the past year he has been implementing applications using semantic web technologies at the technology innovation company Talis and is deemed “one to watch” by Knight-Mozilla.