This week on the blog we look at how the semantic web will help us transcend borders; data processing algorithms beyond the world of maths, the European Commission to launch e-Government cross-border services and the evolution of Network technologies. Also, BloomReach reveals its big data solution for website relevance optimization.

Each week we bring you the most thought-provoking news on how the semantic web is changing the way web users discover, interact and exchange online.

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Forget Search Engines: Web 3.0 Is a Knowledge EngineBig Think

The Semantic Web, also known as the Web 3.0, is set to come of age this week when a powerful data crunching service becomes available to the public. Wolfram Alpha has been online since 2009 but has had trouble gaining traction in circles beyond statisticians and math fanatics. That may change on Wednesday when its data processing algorithms become available to anyone looking for a more numerical representation of information. The new service is premised on the idea that people prefer reports over answers.

European Commission launches consultation into e-interoperabilityPC Advisor

The European Commission (EC) has launched a one month public consultation into the problem of incompatible vocabularies used by developers of public administration IT systems. "Core vocabularies" are used to make sharing and reusing data easier, and the EC hopes that if they are defined properly, it will be able to quickly and effectively launch e-Government cross-border services.

The Third Wave of Network InnovationBusiness 2 Community

Technology has dramatically altered the world we live in. Network technologies in particular have played a central role in shaping the economies and societies of the twenty-first century. One of the most important innovations in networking was, of course, the creation of the Internet—which allowed us to connect physical hosts anywhere and everywhere on the planet to each other. Once network operators were able to interconnect to each other using IP and other Internet standards, every available physical host was at least potentially available to every other physical host and to every authorized user.

BloomReach Crunches Big Data To Deliver The Future Of SEO and SEMTech Crunch

Are you ready for a revolution? Today, after 3 years of machine learning development in stealth, BloomReach reveals its big data solution for website relevance optimization. BloomReach is capable of boosting organic search traffic by a whopping 80%, and will flip the search engine optimization and marketing industries upside down. With a huge problem, a team of industry rockstars backed by $16 million from Bain Capital Ventures and Lightspeed Venture Partners, and the patented technology capable of executing, BloomReach could become the first $10 billion enterprise marketing company, joining other core solutions like Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce. SEO is dead, long live big data SEO.