This latest video in our series on the semantic web is all about Triples, and why they promise to have powerful effects on the publishing industry.

Triples (or RDF statements) are the basic components of semantic web. They describe content items such as “Charles Dickens wrote the Pickwick Papers” and allow for relationships to be inferred across a broader data set and answer questions such as “what else did Charles Dickens write?”

In terms of why this is important to publishers, customers using the semantic web will not only find content more easily, but they may also be offered relevant content in the search results when searching for something similar (perhaps because of an understanding of synonyms or more detailed analysis of the full-text) . Many ‘potential’ customers browsing sites which aren’t semantically enabled may remain exactly that. If a publisher were to enrich its content, however, harnessing semantic web technologies to present more intuitive navigation routes, through content conversion rates are likely to vastly improve.



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Ingenta will be attending two semantic web events in New York & London in September, organised by Mediabistro. They both promise to provide a great overview of the applications of the semantic web for businesses such as publishers, and we've included more information below. Hope to see you there.

Semantic Web Media Summit
The Semantic Web is here and revolutionizing the media industry! Join us at Semantic Web Media Summit, September 14 in New York City and learn how the Semantic Web is changing media production, consumption, and monetization. The event gathers semantic technology and media experts including Mike Dunn (Hearst Interactive Media), Rachel Lovinger (Razorfish), Evan Sandhaus (The New York Times Company), and Mike Petit (OpenAmplify) who will share how the Semantic Web works and what it is doing to transform the media business.

Semantic Tech & Business Conference
Semantic Web Technologies are being used today and creating new opportunities to revamp and build your business. Don’t miss your chance to get ahead of the competition! The Semantic Tech and Business Conference will be held in London on 26-27 September 2011 and will take a look into how companies are successfully integrating semantic technologies and linked open data into their business plans. With two tracks over two days, business and technology experts will explain the inner workings of the Semantic Web and how you can take advantage of it in your enterprise and web-based systems.