This week I have mostly had my UKSG marketing hat, on and have been busily blogging the group's annual conference (held at University of Warwick, UK, from Monday to Wednesday). Check out the blog at for reviews of (most of) the plenary sessions, and forthcoming reports on workshops and briefing sessions. Maybe even some photos if I can lay my hands on them (not being the type of phone sophisticate who has a camera phone, I'll be relying on others' contributions).

Lots of us from Ingenta attended – it was Leigh Dodds' first UKSG and I think we gave him a suitable baptism by fire (he certainly seemed to be enjoying himself when I left him geeking away in the bar at 1.45am yesterday). I got to meet some really interesting people, including Charles Oppenheim (Prof. Information Science at Loughborough University) and Péter Jacsó, Prof. Information Science at the University of Hawaii – with whom I have long corresponded but whom I had not previously had the opportunity to meet (shame it had to be on my territory rather than his!). I also got to meet several more of our librarian customers which is always a pleasure as I don't get to many library-focussed shows in the UK. And I managed not to fall up the steps when giving my product review so all in all, great show; more interesting version of its events at