Janet Fisher

At an ALPSP North America seminar last October, Digital Publishing Analyst Ted Freeman (Atypon Systems) made a presentation entitled "Marketing Online in Scholarly Publishing." The emphasis was on how publishers can use their content websites to market their publications. Here are some of his ideas:

  • Develop a triggering event that will begin a workflow (such as an individual downloads more than 10 articles from Journal A).

  • Create the offer and message, such as “Due to your interest in A, you may be interested in Journal B, which you can now purchase for $Y.”

  • Associate the offer with an incentive for acting quickly. For example, a 10% discount would apply if purchased within the next 30 days.

  • Allow the content platform to execute the workflow automatically.

Another example:

  • Trigger: User activates conference trial access to Journal A.

  • Message: See ad designed for conference attendees.

  • Offer: After 6 weeks user gets discounted offer for a one-year subscription to A.

  • Discount: Extra $15 discount if purchased within the next 30 days.

A similar concept can be applied for marketing directly to libraries. In this case, show the librarians the usage that their patrons are making of the content. For example:

  • Trigger: Patrons are denied more than 100 articles from A.

  • Message: Because of these denials, consider subscribing to A.

  • Offer: Purchase a one-year subscription to A for $&.

  • Discount: Special price of $250 if purchased before MM/DD/YYYY.

In summary, use the technology of your content platform to leverage users and market content. Ted can be contacted at tedfre@gmail.com.