This year The London Book Fair is introducing a new theatre The Faculty@LBF which will give academic and scholarly publishers a platform for talking about the hot topics affecting the industry. Over the three days of the Fair, it will bring leading academic and scholarly publishers, researchers, consultants and platform providers together to debate everything from the how-tos of Open Access publishing to industry best practice.

Ingenta is supporting The Faculty@LBF this year and we're delighted to announce that we'll be presenting three events over the course of three days, including a CEO panel that will feature some of the most forward-thinking names and organisations in academic and scholarly publishing. Together with the events programmed by The Faculty curators ALPSP and the Publishers' Association, it promises to be a go-to part of the Fair for anybody with an interest in scholarly publishing and we're looking forward to seeing you there.

Day one – 11:30am, 8th April 2014

In Conversation: A next generation publishing platform

Last year the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) launched its IET Digital Library as the central access point for all of its online resources, bringing together a myriad of content types. With set to launch on the site this year bringing a extra dimension to the IET’s online offering, Ingenta COO, Michael Cairns, will discuss with Richard Hollis Business Development Director, what makes IET’s rich and diverse content so seamlessly accessible. With in-depth analysis on several of the website’s most creative features and a look at how, a collection of webcasts, lectures, conferences and seminars, is set to be a game-changer in academic publishing across the globe, Michael and Richard will discuss how recent digital enhancements and television broadcasting will add brand new clarity to the IET’s digital offerings.

Day two – 11:30am, 9th April 2014

CEO panel debate: Beyond open access – what’s next for academic publishing?

Open access is without doubt the most noteworthy disruptor academic publishing has seen for decades. While publishers continue to grapple with their business models, how their content is accessed and who pays for it, we take a look at what the academic publishing landscape might look like beyond open access, what are the other key trends in the market and why are they also significant? Ingenta's Michael Cairns is joined by a panel of leading thinkers from the global academic publishing community, made up of both traditional and non-traditional publishers.

Audrey McCulloch - Chief Executive, ALPSP (Chair)

Audrey McCulloch joined ALPSP on 4th October 2010 in the newly created position of Executive Director,UK and was appointed Chief Executive on 19th March 2012. Audrey has 10 years' experience working in scholarly and professional publishing, most recently as Projects Manager at Portland Press Limited, and will be responsible for the support of UK-based members of ALPSP, ensuring that they continue to be provided with a range of appropriate member benefits. She will also represent the interests of scholarly and professional publishers to UK bodies, including government, library groups and collective rights organisations.

Michael Cairns - COO, Ingenta

Michael has spent 20 years in digital publishing, having consulted with and managed organizations deep in the transition from traditional print-based media to online delivery.  Prior to joining Ingenta, Michael was a Managing Partner at Information Media Partners where he consulted for publishers on business strategies and digital transformation, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at, VP, Digital Production at Wolters Kluwer Heath Education, and for seven years served as President of R.R. Bowker.  Prior to Bowker, he was a media consultant with Price Waterhouse Coopers.  Michael has served as a board member of the Association of American Publishers (AAP) and the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), and Chairman of the International ISBN Executive Committee.

Sam Burridge - Managing Director Open Access of Palgrave Macmillan and Nature Publishing Group

After joining Joining Macmillan in 1995, Sam Burridge started as a Sales Representative for Eastern and Central Europe. During her time at Palgrave she has fulfilled several senior roles across sales, business development and executive publishing. In 2012 Sam took on her current role of Managing Director of Palgrave Macmillan.

Euan Adie - Co-founder, Altmetric

Euan Adie founded in 2011 to help publishers, funders and institutions understand the full impact of their research. Altmetric tracks what people are saying online about scientific research papers, making article level metrics easy. Euan is a bioinformatician by training and was previously Senior Product Manager at, where he worked on online bookmarking and scientific blogging tools. He is a frequent conference speaker on article level metrics and the practical uses of altmetrics in scientific publishing. Altmetric is supported by Digital Science. For more information visit

Cameron Naylon - Director of Advocacy, PLOS

Cameron is a biophysicist who has always worked in interdisciplinary areas and is an advocate of open research practice and improved data management. Along with his work in structural biology and biophysics, his research and writing focuses on the interface of web technology with science and the successful (and unsuccessful) application of generic and specially designed tools in the academic research environment. He is a co-author of the Panton Principles for Open Data in Science and writes regularly on the social, technical, and policy issues of open research at his blog.  He joined PLOS in 2012.

Day three – 11:30am, 10th April 2014

In Conversation: Why Open Access means a rethink for OECD’s digital strategy

With IGOs and NGOs facing pressure from peers to make their online content freely and more widely available, the OECD has embraced the change and is revising its digital strategy to balance that shift. As Open Access models become the norm, the OECD is now confronted with the challenge of creating new revenue streams in order to generate funding in other ways. During this insightful session Ingenta COO, Michael Cairns, will be speaking with the OECD about future plans to enrich and broaden content access for its users and discuss how enticing publishers of similar and related content to their organization could mean that the publishing partner business model is close on the horizon.