Millennials are the largest generation in history and are entering their prime spending years. But, do we know how to appeal to them? Erin L. Cox previews the upcoming conference "Designing Books for Tomorrow's Readers." On March 26th, Publishing Perspectives will be hosting a half-day conference "Designing Books for Tomorrow’s Readers: How Millennials Consume Content" that is geared toward helping publishers understand this next reading generation. Because of common misconceptions in the media about the interests and reading habits among 18-34 year-olds — that they prefer to play video games or they only read digitally — often publishers are making poor decisions and investing in the wrong technology, marketing tools, and even types of writing. Based on research from an original survey conducted by Ingenta on the reading and buying habits of Millennials that will be presented, the conference will focus on providing helpful new technology, marketing ideas, and content/events that attract this highly sought-after audience. Before the conference and to perhaps share why it is of interest to all of us to pay attention to this generation, let’s answer the initial question, “Why Millennials?” Millennials outnumber Baby Boomers and have become the largest generation in history (92 million, based on the US Census). They are about to come into their prime spending years and currently control $200 Billion worth of spending in the US alone. But, as a generation that grew up with more technological advantages and a larger world view due to television and the internet, their interests, priorities, and gauges for success are not the same as those in Generation X or even less so with the Baby Boomers. In order to tap into this new generation and find out how to make them our customers, we must first understand them. And, that is what we hope to do on March 26th. From an expert journalist who cover Millennials to publishers creating content, marketing campaigns, and technology to appeal to Millennials to those who curate content and events for this generation, “Designing Books for Tomorrow’s Readers” will provide research, successful campaigns, and anecdotal information that will help attendees tap into this audience. Want to know if you’re a Millennial? Take the Pew Research Center quiz, “How Millennial Are You?” [NOTE: My score was 69% “Millennial”] Erin L. Cox is Business Development Director for Publishing Perspectives.  Originally published March 13, 2015 and re-posted with permission. Ingenta EVP Randy Petway will present the results of our new study, How Millennials Consume Content at the New York event on March 26 from 9:30-10:00, followed by a 45-minute discussion led by Erin and including Randy, Irene Gallow (Associate Publisher,, Yoav Lorch (CEO, Total Boox), and Emily Morrow (Asst. Marketing Manager, Scholastic).