On Monday, April 23, Ingenta, along with thousands of like-minded bibliophiles in the US, UK, Ireland and Germany participated in World Book Night by handing out free memoirs, novels and non-fiction works in a communal celebration of books and reading.  From city squares to train stations, schools to senior centers, a half dozen passionate volunteers from our Oxford, UK and Cambridge, US offices selected their favorite books from the participating titles to encourage those who don't regularly read to fall in love with reading.  Pictured are Fawzia Nazir, Peter Morley, Janet Fisher and Rebecca Shumbata handing out special-edition paperbacks donated by the publishers for the event.  Across the two countries, over 75,000 people gave away 1.5 million books to promote the value of reading, and we look forward to beating that record next year.

You can find out more information about World Book Night here.