PCG findings were recently cited  in an Insights article by Outsell's  David Bousfield entitled "Sell a Brick and Buy an eBook – Getting STM Back to Work."

A recent study by the Publishers Communication Group (PCG - a division of Ingenta) gives a well-balanced global view of the financial trends affecting the buy-side of the STM business. Based on a survey on 495 academic, medical, government and corporate libraries located in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific and a number of emerging nations, the conclusion is that globally library materials budgets (the bit that gets spent on journals, books and databases) - which account on average for only 33% of the total spent by the host organisation in providing these facilities - will be down by 1.2% in 2010.

The author goes on to relay some of our specific findings, which can all be found in the actual report on the PCG Research page. Among the more interesting tidbits from our survey was that collections budgets are often the first to be curtailed.

Surprisingly, there appears to be little interest in redeploying some of the non-materials part of the budget, such as building and staff costs which account for two thirds of the money being spent on library facilities - a point that came through loud and clear from a previous CIBER survey. Indeed, almost 90% of the respondents felt that use of the library would return to previous levels or even exceed them when the recession ends in a year or so. But business as usual is not an option.

The full Outsell article is available here (members only).